Lighting Tips for Your New Home

When designing a new home, many different details are crucial. Besides dwelling-specific features such as the area of the house, usage options, and facade choices, the selected items also enable the functional use of the home. To make indoor living enjoyable and to maximize the efficiency of the space, there are factors to consider. The most important of these factors is lighting.

Natural light enhances both productivity and overall well-being. Therefore, when choosing a new home, it should be ensured that it receives an adequate amount of sunlight. However, the timeframe during which sunlight is available is limited. It is important that artificial light sources used for illumination during the rest of the day provide comfort and convenience comparable to natural lighting.

In a well-lit environment, a person can feel happier and more focused. Adequate lighting can enhance efficiency and comfort in a confined space. Conversely, poor and insufficient lighting can make it difficult to utilize an otherwise stylish room.

You can explore interior lighting recommendations to evaluate the options that best suit your space. Illuminate your home with Mylamp products, known for their quality materials and extensive range of offerings.

How to Choose the Right Lighting?

The most crucial element for any room is lighting. It not only provides essential light for vital functions but also plays a significant role in home design. Lighting influences the entire atmosphere of the room. In every room, you can use three main types of lighting in the categories of ambient, task, and accent.

General lighting provides ambient light to the space. With task lighting, you can illuminate a specific area like a workspace. Accent lighting enhances objects you want to highlight externally, such as artwork, sculptures, or special photographs. When considering lighting recommendations, making choices that align with the purpose of the space is crucial.

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What Are The Types Of Lighting?

After learning about the types of lighting, evaluating lighting recommendations can be easier. Among the types of lighting, you can find ceiling lighting, table lamps, floor lamps, pendant fixtures, and wall sconces. Ceiling-mounted lighting includes fixtures like recessed, semi-recessed installations, and track lighting.

These types, providing full illumination of the space, may be insufficient on their own for large areas. Due to being mounted on the ceiling, they may be distant to provide sufficient light. Using ceiling lighting alone in narrow rooms and supplementing it with different light sources in large spaces like offices is a lighting recommendation. Pendant fixtures, pendant lamps like hazeran, and chandeliers are examples of hanging lighting products.

In addition to being fixed to the ceiling, the adjustable height feature allows for a balance between the room and the light source. Using pendant fixtures as the sole light source in children's rooms and small spaces is a lighting recommendation. In moments when pendant fixtures fall short, you can replace the bulb or complement the pendant fixture with different lighting products.

Lamps used as task lighting, such as desk lamps and floor lamps, can also serve as additional ambient lighting. Ceiling lights may not reach all corners of the space, or an individual may require a light source at a specific point. Portable and versatile, lamps are frequently preferred, offering an aesthetic appearance with various models and color options. Wall sconces are light sources that provide accent lighting.

Mostly, small chandelier bulbs are used for lighting. Therefore, the amount of light obtained may be insufficient. Sconces create a soft and dim light in the environment, making them ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, they can be used decoratively, making them a lighting recommendation. By listing Mylamp products, you can easily find products that meet both your lighting and aesthetic needs.

How Should Living Room Lighting Be?

Unlike the bathroom or kitchen, the living room and sitting areas do not have a specific purpose. It is crucial to have adequate lighting in these spaces where various activities can take place.

The living room is often considered the largest room in the house and serves as the central hub for activities throughout the day. These activities may include reading, watching television, chatting, dining, and bringing family members together.

To meet the lighting needs of all these various activities, different types of lighting are required. In addition to the three main types of lighting, diversifying light sources at different levels also facilitates the creation of a well-lit environment. If you prefer not to use more than three types of lighting, you can explore lighting models that can reach different heights.

If you use a dining table in the living room, you can choose a lamp right above the table that will illuminate the entire table. If you read on the couch, you can benefit from mounted lights designed for reading. Well-lit living rooms enhance the quality of time spent together.

You can illuminate the spacious area used as a living room with a mix of chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, recessed lighting, and wall sconces. For soft lighting or to create a cozy atmosphere while watching a movie, you can use candlelight. When decorating the living room, it's important to avoid direct eye-level and tiring lighting, as well as cluttered arrangements.

The type of light used in a room has a significant impact on the room's overall atmosphere. You can choose lighting options that offer different colors, patterns, and designs to match your aesthetic preferences.

With lighting recommendations, you can make more effective use of your living room. Design your living room with Mylamp products that combine lighting with aesthetic touches.

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Do LED Chandeliers Provide Good Lighting?

LED chandeliers are lighting fixtures that can be easily used in large spaces such as the living room, lounge, or office. While chandeliers emit light from a single central point, the powerful and efficient light of LED bulbs can illuminate a wide area effectively.

LED chandeliers can also be preferred for a spacious bathroom. Especially in areas where details matter, such as the bathroom, choosing LED lights is a lighting recommendation. So, in which areas can different types of lighting be used?

Which Room Should Use Which Light?

You should start with the lighting from the entrance hall. For the entrance, which is the first step into the house, a fixture that provides ample light can be preferred. You should evaluate the lighting options according to different areas of the house. If you prefer softer lighting in the bedroom, you can use floor lamps or bedside lamps in addition to ceiling lighting.

The bedroom is mostly a resting area, so yellow light can be preferred for the lighting color. Soft light may be insufficient for choosing clothes. Cabinet interior spots can provide a clearer illumination. Bathrooms are humid environments, so lighting specifically designed for bathrooms should be preferred.

You can prefer products for the bathroom that are made of materials that do not experience color loss and are stainless. LED lights and spotlights, especially in mirror and shelf lighting, can make the preparation process easier. Since actions in the kitchen require detail, the light used should be both sufficient and easy on the eyes. Special countertop lighting or white LED lights can be used to illuminate the cooking area in the kitchen.

If you have a limited space in the living room, you can consider spotlights and LED lights. These types of lighting can make small spaces appear brighter and larger. Using floor lamps and wall sconces with warm light color in the living room and sitting area is a lighting recommendation.

If you prefer a simple interior design, you can add vibrancy to your home by choosing a contrasting color bamboo chandelier and using a different colored light. If you opt for a decor with intense and colorful details, you should follow simpler lines in your lighting choices.

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