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Decorative objects are stylish items used in every space, from homes to work areas. With these objects, you can design your living spaces in your chosen decoration styles. Decorative objects made from different materials add an elegant touch to every corner of the space. For example, macro-mesh table decorations make indoor spaces more aesthetic. Additionally, many decoration objects made from natural materials add color to different styles.

Decorative Objects Made of Natural Materials

It is possible to use decorative objects made from natural materials in many decoration applications. For instance, objects made of wood, mother-of-pearl, seashells, and similar materials add different beauties to living spaces. The textures and colors of these materials bring natural beauty to all decoration styles.

Among natural materials, wood is a frequently preferred material in tabletop decorations. The unique texture and patterns of wood make each product unique. Wood decorative objects, ranging from bead details in ornaments to hand-carved bowls, have a wide design spectrum. Additionally, the variety of colors and patterns depends on the type of wood used. However, due to the difficulty of crafting wood, the prices of these objects are generally high. Leading users to opt for different objects with a wood-like appearance.

Another alternative among eco-friendly decoration objects is seashells. Seashells, commonly used to add details to decors, are a suitable option for those who love beach-themed or bohemian styles. This material is processed in various ways and used in different items such as vases, paintings, or decorative trays. Moreover, genuine seashells have a calcium carbonate structure. Providing a pleasant fragrance reminiscent of the sea in your living space.

Decorative objects made from natural materials are also crucial from an environmental sensitivity perspective. These objects that do not harm nature limit the use of other resources. In addition, these decorations are used as healthy alternatives. Bamboo, rattan, and reed plants are often preferred from this perspective. With natural materials, it is possible to create an aesthetic and healthy interior design in your home.

Water Hyacinth, Rattan, and Bamboo Decorations

Rattan, water hyacinth, and bamboo are among the most popular natural materials for home decorations. This is because they are both durable and aesthetic, as well as fast-growing plants. These plants, which do not harm the environment during processing, also offer affordable decoration options.

Water hyacinth is a very lightweight and flexible material. Therefore, it is frequently preferred in home accessories such as baskets and decorative fans. This material also complements distressed home designs beautifully. Additionally, it attracts attention with natural color transitions and pattern varieties.

Rattan is usually used in furniture designs. However, the flexibility and appearance of rattan not only apply to furniture but also to various models such as pots, bowls, or pen holders. Rattan is a material often preferred in spaces with a rustic style. However, it is also used in modern-designed terraces or office environments.

The most important feature of decorative objects made from bamboo is their lightweight and durable structure. For this reason, they are preferred in many household furniture items like cabinets or shelves. However, the use of bamboo is not limited to functional products. When used in decorative objects, bamboo enhances its elegance and uniqueness. Bamboo is often combined with natural materials such as rattan or mother-of-pearl. Therefore it's a suitable choice for those looking for a vintage style in indoor spaces.

Papua Seashell, Hazeran, and Macramé Decoration Designs

Hazeran is a traditional weaving art. These designs are created with the unique details of craftsmanship. They come to life in decorations such as flower pots or storage boxes. Hazeran motifs reflect the rich traditions of Turkish culture. Adding a nostalgic design to indoor spaces. Objects adorned with Hazeran patterns help personalize your space.

Macramé is an example of handcraft and knotting art, usually made using textile materials. Macramé designs have a rich variety as they are used with other materials. For example, macramé table decorations made from Papua seashells add elegance to indoor designs suitable for various concepts.

Affordable Prices in Natural Decorations

There are many factors that determine the prices of natural decorative objects. Most important are the quality of the material, craftsmanship, and design. However, models combined with different materials or specially designed are sold at higher prices. If you are curious about eco-friendly decorations, you can check retail stores or online sales points. On online platforms, you can take advantage of the most affordable products with MyLamp offers.

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