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There are many designs that stand out in home decoration. These designs not only make the environment eye-catching but also help create a dynamic atmosphere. From wall plates and Japanese fans to wall mirrors and decorative rugs, you can enhance your space with various designs. Each design crafted through MyLamp's privilege is perfect for subtle and modern decoration.


Decoration products that make an environment look modern and elegant are highlighted with different designs. These designs, products of delicate craftsmanship, contribute to creating dynamism in the environment. Designs that combine aesthetics and luxury also promise functional use.

MyLamp continues to introduce privileged designs to you. Each product, designed with the grace of craftsmanship, stands out with its attention-grabbing appearance. By using each design, you can feel the MyLamp touch for modern decoration and add new moments of enjoyment to your life.

Decoration Models

Each product in the decoration category has gained vibrancy with its attention-grabbing details. Designs offered for modern and subtle decoration are presented to you in different categories. In each category, such as Japanese fans, wall ornaments, mirrors, wall plates, decorative rugs, you can use the products that meet your preferences.

By using decoration products that are handcrafted and carry the grace of craftsmanship, you can ensure that your spaces have a distinctive appearance.

Decoration Prices

MyLamp continues to host privileged and elegant designs. Various decoration products are offered to you to be able to decorate your space in a very special way. Designs that have elegant appearances with their patterns allow you to create enjoyable spaces. Moreover, each design is made from durable and high-quality materials, ensuring long-term use.

You can examine the products presented to you in detail to experience the privilege of MyLamp. Use the grace that comes from each design to create magnificent environments. MyLamp lighting products not only offer you eye-catching and aesthetic environments but also support you in having enjoyable moments. Experience the privilege of MyLamp to effortlessly access much more than just a design.

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