Rattan or mother-of-pearl patterned napkin holders are suitable choices for both a practical and elegant table arrangement. Creating a unique style on your table is quite easy with different shapes and designs. Additionally, models with covers allow you to keep your napkins clean. Carefully designed napkin holders bring together functionality and aesthetics on your tables.

Napkin Holders Made of Natural Materials

Napkin holders made from natural materials offer an environmentally friendly alternative. Many models of this decorative and functional table and kitchen accessory are available. They come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. Typically, they are made from natural fibrous and durable materials such as bamboo, rattan, or seagrass. These are often adorned with mother-of-pearl patterns and various paints to enhance their stylish appearance.

Rattan napkin holders are an indispensable choice, especially for those who love rustic decoration styles. They are also commonly used in bohemian-style decorations. Rattan, with its unique texture and elegant design, perfectly completes your table decoration. With its natural patterns and colors, rattan offers a wide range of design options. Its fibrous structure also allows for easy weaving, making rattan easily adaptable to different concepts.

Bamboo napkin holders are also popular among eco-friendly models. Their natural and detailed designs, along with their lightweight structures, make them both stylish and practical. Bamboo napkins are usually produced from bamboo fiber pulp or stalks. They are made using special weaving techniques, giving each product a unique appearance. Bamboo combines functionality and aesthetics. Making it possible to create original and functional concepts with different models.

Napkin holders made from natural materials are used not only in homes. They are also used in various places such as cafes, restaurants, and hotels. The environmentally friendly material choice is particularly widespread in large businesses. This is because natural alternatives are both more affordable and sustainable. Moreover, these models stand out with their functional designs and unique appearances, which customers find easy to use.

Mother of-pearl and Rattan Napkin Holder Models

Mother-of-pearl patterned napkin holder models are visually appealing. The carefully processed mother-of-pearl's natural color transitions add elegance to tables. Different models in square, rectangular, and circular shapes offer a rich design spectrum. Wide color options like red, green, blue, and gray make it easy to capture the preferred style. After processing and coloring, these models are coated with PU varnish. This does not contain harmful substances and ensures healthy and safe use.

Rattan napkin holder designs attract attention with their special handcrafted weaves. Thanks to its fibrous and flexible structure, rattan can be shaped into many different forms. This design freedom results in more creative models. Additionally, options with and without covers offer practical use. Covered models help keep napkins clean and hygienic, while uncovered ones provide easier access.

These two natural and healthy materials are also used together. Mother-of-pearl patterned rattan napkin holders are quite successful in adding a unique touch to spaces with various color and style options. The natural colors of mother-of-pearl and the weave varieties of rattan create an elegant look when combined.

Decorative Napkin Holder Prices

The prices of napkin holder models generally vary. The price is based on factors such as shape, design, and the materials used. Additionally, handcrafted models are sold at higher prices. If you are looking for napkin holders made from natural materials and handmade models, you can explore retail stores or various online platforms. MyLamp offers affordable options for napkin holders and many other indoor decoration items. At MyLamp, you can find napkin holders made from different materials at the most reasonable prices.

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