Food covers are convenient items that typically protect your meals from dust or various insects during picnics, in kitchens, or on balconies. Designed with screens, mesh, or covers, these prevent heat loss. Keeping meals fresh for a longer time regardless of whether they are cold or hot. Models in different shapes and sizes add elegance to your table with their eye-catching designs.

Designs of Food Covers with Natural Materials

The use of natural materials in food covers offers a sustainable decorating approach. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and rattan combine aesthetics and functionality in protective models. Unlike plastic, metal, or fabric covers, these materials provide a healthy and eco-friendly alternative. Moreover, covers made from natural materials reflect your style with their unique designs.

Wooden food covers are produced uniquely depending on the type of wood and craftsmanship. Using a wooden cover on your table not only adds a classic design but also ensures long-lasting use. These models are suitable for vintage style with their natural color tones and textures. However, one downside of wood is that it can crack due to temperature differences. So it is advisable not to place very hot or cold dishes for prolonged use.

Bamboo, with its lightness, durability, and pattern variations, stands out as a natural material. Its fast-growing nature makes it one of the most environmentally friendly options. Bamboo food covers provide a pleasant presentation in various settings. Thanks to their elegance, they can be used for picnics or terrace tables. These designs are easy to carry as they are lightweight, making them convenient for outdoor or long-distance serving.

Rattan, being a flexible and durable material, is used in different designs. Rattan models attract attention with different weaving details. These models are frequently used in picnics, garden parties, or beaches. Additionally, covers made from natural materials, such as rattan, do not get dirty quickly like fabric. They also do not rust like metal and are not unhealthy like plastic.

Bamboo and Rattan Food Covers

Bamboo is the most common and affordable material for food covers. Due to the strong and soft fibers of bamboo weaves, the cover does not have any splinters. Therefore, bamboo designs are comfortable and have a long lifespan. For example, our 30 cm natural oval-shaped Chisil bamboo food cover model with layered weaves is quite durable.

Rattan models offer unique decoration with weaving details. For instance, the 31 cm diameter and 13 cm height Rayiha rattan food cover with a minimal handle design and a dark rustic-style woven pattern create a nostalgic look. This model, produced without a mold, has a distinctive design with natural color transitions.

Mesh and Colorful Patterned Food Cover Models

Mesh food umbrellas are often preferred for their attractive appearance and transparency. In this regard, mesh food cover models, such as the white mesh Chisil square-shaped food covers ranging from 39 cm to 28 cm in diameter, are quite practical. This model also makes it easy to check the meals in between. Meshes are effective against dust and sunlight with their open colors.

Colorful patterned models add vibrancy to table settings with various design options. Sticks painted in desired colors are carefully woven into geometric patterns by handcraft. For example, the 30 cm yellow and blue triangular conical Chisil bamboo food cover model is suitable for maximalist or bohemian styles.

Most Affordable Food Cover Prices

Food umbrellas are produced in many different designs or concepts. Their prices also vary from design to design depending on size or shape. Models made from natural materials and crafted by hand have higher prices. However, if you are looking for meticulously handmade designs, you are in the right place! Explore our food umbrellas at MyLamp to find models that suit your style! Choose the most affordable prices for elegant and functional food covers for your tables!

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