Statement and Consent Form for Personal Data

Statement and Consent Form for Personal Data at MyLamp

The statement mentions that personal information is collected, used, and, if necessary, shared with third parties or organizations during commercial transactions and consumer transactions with {FETHİYE CHANDELIER ELECTRIC AND ELECTRONIC TOURISM TRANSPORTATION LIMITED COMPANY} ("{Fethiye Chandelier}") for the purpose of better service, improving communication, understanding requirements and interests, and fulfilling the processes within the scope of the contract. This collection and processing of personal data occur either during the signing of a contract or throughout the ongoing relationship, ensuring sufficient information and obtaining consent from the individuals involved. 

The information, including Identity Information (name, surname, gender, age), Contact Information (address, phone, email), Financial Information such as invoice details, credit card or bank information, other information arising from commercial transactions or consumer contracts, educational information, photographs, and not limited to these, including special categories of personal data (excluding the health and sexual life of the data subject; special categories of personal data such as race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, appearance and dress, membership in associations, foundations or trade unions, criminal convictions, and security measures, as well as biometric and genetic data) are considered personal data within the scope of Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, and are stored in printed and/or wet-signed form or recorded in electronic media during the execution of the business.

All personal data contained in the documents mentioned above, including but not limited to, the fulfillment of obligations within the scope of the relevant commercial relationship or consumer contracts, compliance with rights and obligations arising from the Consumer Protection Law, establishment of distance contracts, determination of consumer or trader preferences, providing better services in this regard, delivery and return of products under the established purchase-sale contracts, evaluation and resolution of all requests and complaints, providing feedback when necessary, meeting customer requests, fulfilling invoice and payment transactions, delivering products to individuals according to their physical characteristics, providing installment options, and not limited to these, making necessary legal notifications to Tax Offices, Judicial Authorities, and other institutions, transferring information to carrier companies regarding phone and address details for product delivery and returns, establishing communication between parties via email, and such purposes are utilized before, during, or after the relationship between the parties.

All these personal data are processed for the purposes stated above and may be transferred and shared with our business partners, group companies, affiliated offices, service providers, and subsidiaries, business partners, and other necessary individuals, institutions, and organizations (especially manufacturers, suppliers, and companies, as well as transportation/cargo companies) domestically and internationally. Your personal data is shared with these third parties only for the purpose of processing transactions on behalf of our company, and all necessary precautions regarding your data security are taken by us.

Collected personal data are processed in accordance with the principles of legality and fairness, accurately and, when necessary, updated, in a specific, clear, and legitimate manner, relevant to the purpose for which they are processed, limited and proportionate, and are not used for activities other than those specified in this consent form.

Your personal data will be retained only for the purposes specified in this declaration and consent form and/or additional information that may be provided in the future with your consent, and for the period required by applicable laws in accordance with the legal provisions.

We would like to remind you that you have the right to learn whether your personal data is being processed, to request information if your personal data has been processed, to learn the purpose of the processing of personal data and whether they are used for their intended purpose, and to request correction if they are incomplete or incorrectly processed, as well as other rights under Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data. You can exercise these rights by filling out the form on the Data Subject Application Form page and using the methods specified in the application form.

I have read and understood the "Personal Data Declaration and Consent Form" detailed above. I expressly consent to the collection, use, and processing of my personal data within the framework of the information provided above, in accordance with the rules set out in Article 9 of the PDP, including the transfer to third parties, institutions, and organizations abroad.





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